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+ 267 492 1974 (Tel/Fax)

+267 7535 2583 (Cell)

Postal Address

P O BOX 11755

Physical Address

30094 Khurumela

GESB (PTY) Ltd was registered with a profound need to create and enhance skills around Botswana. It employs on full time basis at off peak a minimum of 5 people currently with different sets of technical skills. Since 2016, the company has been active and surpassing customer expectation in delivering quality goods and services on time and according to expectation.

We do this through strategic partnership with giant companies and specialized manufacturers and in all those we have excellent turnaround time in most of our business executions.

We design, manufacture, install, supply and service:

Process equipment and spares
Ancillary plant equipment
Industrial cleaning
Rotating equipment