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P O BOX 11755

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30094 Khurumela

Our services will extend even to provision of scarce industrial human resources personnel. The following skills are readily available.

Boilermakers      Fitters        Artisan assistants       Electricians      Riggers

Technicians        Pipefitters   Mechanics                 Supervisors      Welders

Project coordinators

We buy scrap metals, plastics, and other industrial waste.

GESB refurbish process equipment, components such as valves, we are currently have networks into recycling filters.

Fittings, pipes, valves, flanges, vee belts, pulleys, seals and sealants, boiler spares, tubes, and most of the certified and properly rated components are sourced.

High pressure washers – For unblocking pipes, cleaning heat exchangers and more

Dry ice blasters – Applications such as cleaning ovens, moldings and more

Sand blasting machines - Traditional method which does not need introduction

Generators - Small and industrial generators and arranged services.

Pumps – Pumps, motors, actuators are supplied at competitive prices

We do structures, conveyers, chutes, bulk material handling systems, tanks, pressure vessels, feeder breakers, hoppers, industrial fans, walkway gratings etc.

These large structures can be made from our sites or at the client’s site depending on the client’s wish. No compromise on rigidity of the structure as quality is one of our pillars of success.

Crane and Hoist work

This division at GESB goes hand in glove with hoist repairs, their services and installations. We do work on site and only take the crane or hoist only in special cases. Any tonnage of the hoist and cranes is done. The make of the crane does not matter to GESB.

Statutory load testing’s and inspections are done.

We supply certified rigging equipment such as slings, lifting tackles and more on rig and hoist.